Visions — I Dare To Dream

V.  My Victoria.  My Visions.  First of all, I do not believe that I have a history that no one else has lived.  I believe, I know, that there are many people who have lived the kind of life that I have lived.  One of struggle and hardship.  But somewhere, down deep, I have always known there was something bigger and better that I was supposed to be doing.  Throughout the course of the hardships and struggles, I have come to find within myself, the strength and the courage to pursue the bigger and better.  For myself.  But also for my family and for all the people I desire to help.  I have fears.  But I also recognize that on the other side of that fear, is where I will be able to have the biggest impact in this world, on the other side of fear, is where I will be able to help people change their lives for the better.  In the course of my journey, I have been able to find a place within myself, where I truly believe in myself.  This belief is helping me find ways to make it through the challenges and obstacles, and it is also helping me find a place of joy and wholeness that I have never known before.  Although I have always known on some level that I could realize my visions and dreams, self doubt and hesitation have slowed me down considerably.  I am now at the point of going from stricken to unstoppable.  I know that happiness, achievement, and success are in front of me.  I believe that, despite what life had given me thus far, and also in big part, because of what life has given me so far, a rich, full life is well within my grasp.  I have come to a place within myself where I truly believe that I deserve it.  And especially, that my children deserve it.  So I have no choice, but to make it a reality for us.  And if things do not turn out as I envision them, it will not be because I didn’t put up a goshdangedblasted good fight.  Each of us has the power to make this choice.  And I have finally found my power.  Finally.  I have decided who I was meant to be and I have decided to become that person.  I have decided to live my own life, and not the life someone else has defined for me.  I am fighting for it what a determination and a focus that I have never known before.  I choose to absorb anything life decides to throw my way, I choose to absorb it graciously, and I choose to absorb it with gratitude.  I am thankful for all the experience I gain from each challenge.  I choose to keep on keepin’ on, no matter what.  My journey thus far has lead me to a whole new level of compassion and generosity.  I work hard to give back in ways that greatly multiply what I have received.  I am a creator, teacher, writer, coach, mother, daughter, friend, grandmother, entrepreneur and I desire to contribute to building a healthy world.  I desire to have relationships with people that allow me to give strength for their own journeys, courage for their own struggles, and hope for their own futures.  I realize that upon reaching the other side of my fear and achieving my own dreams and desires, I will be able to offer hope and inspiration for others to do the same.  We are all made up of genius.  Often, along the path of life, we lose sight of this.  I wish to assist others in learning to believe in themselves, and realize the life of their dreams.  Thank you for reading my blog.  Please feel free to comment.


Well these are my thoughts, what do YOU think??

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