Blogging 101 Day 1 Who Am I and Why Am I Here….?

My name is Aimee and I’m not really sure exactly why I’m blogging.  For some reason, the idea of it catches my attention.  I have always wanted to be a writer, along with the ten thousand other things I’ve always wanted to do.  And just like everything else, I never had enough self confidence to do it.  I never took classes or focused on anything enough to build skills.  Now, at this particular point in my life, there are so many things I want to be able to express in writings, maybe even beautiful writings, but words often fail me.  I have read many books and different things over the years that have really touched me deeply, and I have always wished to be able to do the same with writing.  Really touch someone on a deeper level with my writings.  I value conversations and talking with people, but I have always felt, known, that there is something special about being able to put thoughts and feelings into writing, somehow it stays more spiritual, writing feels closer to the soul for me.  I have always journaled, never consistently, much to my disappointment, but I have always loved journaling and considered my journals to be special friends.  My journals have always been with paper and pen, and I didn’t much care for journaling in an electronic format, and even less than that, in a public electronic format.  A few years ago, I had so many bad things going on in my life at once, that I found that I couldn’t write fast enough to keep up with my thoughts when I would try to journal about it.  One day it occurred to me that I could type much faster than I can write, and I can write pretty fast, but anyway, I thought, why not just open up a word document and get it all out there.  That quickly became a daily habit.  I found that I liked being able to save and especially edit and revise the writings in the way that the electronic version of writing allows you to do.  Most of my journaling has been on the computer ever since.  The first time that I really noticed blogging catch my attention was when I watched Julie and Julia.  There were several things about that movie that have made it one of my all time favorites, I watch and rewatch that movie, but the blogging concept really piqued my interest.  And I have been wanting to give it a shot ever since then.  That was a few years ago.  And so here I am.  To be quite honest, I am still a little nervous about writing “publicly.”  It took me years to get comfortable with even the idea of facebook.  But I know that I love reading.  And I know that if there weren’t people out there who are willing to take a chance and step out of their comfort zone a lil bit, a lot of good stuff that is out there to read, would have never been created.  I feel that I have good things to say and to contribute to the world.  I feel like I would like to give this a try.  And just see how and where it all goes.  Maybe nowhere.  Maybe somewhere.  You never know.  I have faith.  And however it goes, is okay with me.  I’m still growing and learning as a person.  Facing my fears of learning all things computer, helps me be braver about facing challenges in other areas of my life as well.


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