Writing 101 Day 2 A Room With A View — A Day at WolfMoon Ranch

Come on in ya’ll.  Stay awhile.  We are gonna have ourselves a lil visit.  It is a gorgeous, sunny day in Texas.  The fall season is nearing, so it is a comfortable 85 degrees, considerably cooler than our usual 95 to 110 degree summer days.  Driving down the quiet, scenic back road to our home, you can begin to feel free and relaxed, all the stress and tension of the city is leaving your body and mind.  We are passing the wood fence that surrounds our land when we arrive at our long dirt driveway.  Pulling in and moving towards the house, the driveway is lined by huge pecan trees, and you catch a glimpse of our horses grazing alongside.  We have four of them, all mustangs.  Spirit and Rain, of course, Spirit is brown with a black mane, Rain is a Paint.  We also have Maggie, who is very sweet and gentle, and we have Cowboy, who loves, loves to play ball .  They have been with us a long, long time.  They are amazing.  And we can certainly ride later, if you would like.  Fallen pecans are everywhere in the yard, we will come out with baskets later and collect more than we can ever eat.  We are greeted by the four-legged members of our family, our hound dog, Melvin, and our basset hound, DaisyMoon.  They can always hear (or maybe smell) us coming from ten miles down the road.  Their baying sounds at our arrival are always welcoming.  We are pulling up to the house, where your attention is immediately drawn to the beautiful rose bushes lining the porch, the crepe myrtles spread nicely throughout the yard, and the passion flowers growing along the fence.  The porch is large and made out of wood, it extends the full length of the front of the house, and there are many rocking chairs for lots of days and evenings filled with family and friends talking and laughing, munching on cool sandia slices.  The mangera is rolled up nearby for a fun hosing-down after getting messy with our watermelon snacks.  The house has a plethora of oversized windows on every wall, allowing the house to fill with sunshine and light, when the shades are open.  The floors are hardwood throughout the house.  The living room is large and spacious, allowing for a couple of couches and several recliners, everyone can sit and move around very comfortably.  We look forward to the fireplace keeping us warm, during the winter season.  From the kitchen you can smell wonderful pecan and blackberry pies baking.  We will enjoy those on the back porch later this evening.  The oversized kitchen is perfect for when my family and friends follow me in there, keeping me company while I am tidying up, cooking, or just gathered round the large island, visiting.  Off the kitchen is my play room.  The walls are lined with shelves that hold many fabrics for sewing quilts and clothes, other shelves are lined with beautiful, colorful yarns, which I also use for quilting and making fun clothes for my family, and to sell, and still other shelves hold my books.  I love to read.  This is my room of treasure.  I spend endless hours in this room, doing the work I love, creating.  In one area you will notice a pretty wood table with chairs, where I work when I sew, and a desk, which is where I work on my laptop and on my life and financial coaching practice.  This is one of the many comfortable places on WolfMoon ranch where my clients can choose to meet with me, feeling safe and free to express themselves fully, to grow and learn about themselves, and to tap in to their genius, to think things they have never thought before, to write things they have never written before, to say things out loud they have never said before.  I assist in the changing of lives in this room.  Moving out onto the back porch, we will enjoy an afternoon of football and BBQ.  My son has been cooking all day on the oversized grill we have, the side dishes are being prepared inside.  You can grab yourself a beverage from the large tubs, refreshing water, or ice cold big red, tea or beer.  The grand porch is partially screened in and partially open.  There is a swing bed hanging on each end of the porch, a picnic table and a couple of fun tables with chairs for our gatherings.  Everyone make yourselves comfortable.  My family and I enjoy eating many meals out here, including lovely mornings with coffee and breakfast, where we can listen to the river running by at the foot of the backyard.  As we make our way through the yard and to the river, there are many trees with swings, in case you don’t feel like getting wet, you can relax and lounge close by or you can fish, while we play and splash around.  The water is very cool, and clear.  It is here that we put our toobs in and cruise along with the current.  We can go for a 2 to 3 our ride or a 6 hour ride.  We can choose to do as our hearts desire on any given day.  Upon our return to the house, and getting ready for bed, we have 5 big bedrooms with a full bath in each, to accommodate everyone nicely.  Each bathroom comes equipped with a shower, including a massaging shower head and jacuzzi garden tub and each bedroom is furnished with a queen size four poster bed, desk, and sitting area.  It has been a spectacular day full of fun, family, friends, laughter.  We are exhausted and can now rest.  We have another day to look forward to tomorrow.


Well these are my thoughts, what do YOU think??

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