Blogging 101 Day 3 Say Hi To The Neighbors

Follow 5 new topics in Reader and 5 new blogs.  I did this activity but didn’t end up blogging about it on that day, because I spent a long time reading blogs.  “”Blogging is a communal experience, if you didn’t want anyone to read your posts, you’d keep a private diary.””  I have to admit, I’m in the midst of sorting through the 2 of these concepts — publicly blogging versus my long time best friend, the private diary.  I am not a younger person, so getting adjusted to the whole idea of everything, EVERYTHING, E V E R Y T H I N G, being so public is difficult for me.  Over the years, and I do mean that it took me years, to get friendly with Facebook, and that is the only social media I have done until blogging now.  I have wrestled with all of this to the extent that I thought it would be a very good idea to blog about it, specifically for the purpose of “putting all these thoughts out there into the universe”, “clearing up the clutter in my mind” over this subject matter, hopefully once and for all.  A part of me knows, just goshdangedblasted do it already!!  It’s not that big of a deal!!  And it’s actually quite fun.  But then there’s that part of me that knows how public it still is.  I suppose it really depends on the topic at hand.  I am comfortable writing publicly about some things and not others.  I think it also depends on how many other people’s writings I read before I write mine.  My writing is not up to the standard that I wish it to be, but I’m working on that.  Okay, there, now I’ve gotten it all out there.  So moving on.  I haven’t completed this assignment but did enjoy the time I’ve spent already reading other people’s blogs and finding some to follow, and I will continue til I get all 5 in both categories.  Thank you to those that read my blog.  Please feel free to comment.


2 thoughts on “Blogging 101 Day 3 Say Hi To The Neighbors”

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