Challenge “”Today I Will Sew!!!!!””

I am writing this blog post instead of sewing.  My sewing machine is taunting me.  I am at the dining room table and the machine is in the living room.  I feel the burning desire to walk over to it and create wonderful things.  The problem is I don’t know how to sew.  But then also, just a few short days ago, I didn’t know how to blog either.  It seems to be the norm for me lately, stepping out of my comfort zone, learning new things, challenging myself.  Of course, learning how to blog and learning how to sew are not exactly the challenges of a lifetime.  I would love to swim with the whales and climb Mt. Everest too.  I guess those would be considered real challenges.  So sewing is a smaller challenge, but a challenge nonetheless.  I have 3 big motivations right now to help move me along.  1 is spending more time with my family and new grandbaby.  2 is making clothes for my family and new grandbaby.  And 3 is that I need to make some money from home or else I’m going to have to go back to work.  I have taken time off from full time “regular” work in order to pursue my education and my dream of a coaching career.  And I’m not done with those things yet, so I’m not ready to go back to work.  So, Today I Will Sew.  Here’s how it’s gonna go.  I’ve got my new lil sewing table that my daughter helped me find and bring home from the thrift store.  That was fun.  And easier than sewing.  I’ve got all my sewing supplies set up and ready to go.  That’s easier than sewing.  And I’ve got the beginner sewer’s how-to dvd in the dvd player.  Also easier than sewing.  So I guess I’m not going to be able to put it off much longer, the pressure is on, and I don’t suppose I can drag this blog post out forever.  Today I will learn how to thread the machine.  And I will thread and re-thread 10 or 100 or 10,000 times til I’ve finally got that memorized.  By the end of the day this Sunday, I will have my first quilt completed.  Each week for the next 52 weeks I will complete a quilt.  Either they will start selling at some point, or I will have to rent the apt. next door as well, in order to store them.  Worst case scenario, I will have a lot of quilts to donate to the women’s shelter.  And I should definitely be really good at sewing by the end of the challenge.  And blogging too.  🙂  Okay so here goes nothing.  Or maybe something.  I am the boss of the sewing machine!!!!  I am fearless!!!  ((flexing and stretching my sewing muscles))



2 thoughts on “Challenge “”Today I Will Sew!!!!!”””

    1. Thanks for your response LubbyGirl!! Happy to report I stepped up to the challenge!! Today I will actually sew some squares together, instead of just making a long straight line!! LOL!! Have a wonderful day!!

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