Adventure — What Is Life Without It!?!?

A.  My Athena.  My Adventure.

Where to even begin.  Today is Monday and I feel wonderful!!  The fall weather has been fabulous!!  It rained a lil bit again this morning, and now the sun is shining and the cool breeze is blowing!!  I am enjoying all of it with my cup of coffee, front door and windows wide open, and working at my home office!!  This is all part of my adventure!!  My biggest adventure this year is that I am a new grandma to a beautiful, gorgeous baby girl!!  She is just amazing.  Absolutely amazing.  In February of this year she came to us.  An absolute angel, she has changed our lives, filled voids we didn’t even know we had.  She has just changed everything.  Her smile, which is constant day and night, brings the sunshine into our worlds.  The beautiful sounds of her talking and laughter fill our hearts with a love, none of us even knew we were capable of.  I have not known this kind of joy, since my children were born.  She has been nothing short of a miracle to all of us.  She is our little Athena Marley.  And just as grand as her name implies.  Today we will be making her first trip to the pumpkin patch and I can hardly stand the wait.  Her wonder and amazement at all things new, brings my level of wonder and amazement back to life.  I find myself having a renewed spirit, filled with love, peace, joy and energy!!  And all of these feelings have led me to embark on my other big adventure of the year.  This is my journey to begin my life as a coach.  Coaching is something I fell in complete love with, about 25 years ago, when my first child was still a baby.  It has been one of those things where, all things happen for a reason, and really nothing is a coincidence.  And I don’t want to talk about anything not-so-happy in this blog, but this story is an important part of the journey.  It happened over 20 years ago, I was a young struggling mother, struggling in a difficult marriage, struggling with making ends meet, struggling with the full load of responsibility that was my life.  I have absolutely no regrets about making my family, I just wasn’t prepared for the level of everything that was involved in pulling it all off.  I was overwhelmed, completely.  And I was angry and exhausted.  One day, my mother calls and invites me to the bookstore.  The call to do something fun and get out of the house even annoyed me.  I am smiling as I write this because I recently read something funny along these lines.  It said “”you know you are overwhelmed and in over your head when even the mention of something fun and good times annoys you!!!””  LOL!!  So there I went, bundling up all my children, and off to the bookstore with my mother.  I had not even walked in the door of the BookStop yet, when I saw the big display right in front of the door, I couldn’t even escape it.  Life Makeover by Cheryl Richardson.  I grabbed it with a quickness, not even knowing anything else about it.  I carried the book throughout the store with me, juggling my babies in my arms, in search of my mother, who quickly loses me upon arriving at any store.  Finally I found her, in the perfect spot, in the children’s section, where I could put my kids down so I could sit down and look further into my newly found treasure.  I read the back cover of the book, read the table of contents, and read about the author.  Every word I read only clarified for me further, that I would not be leaving the store that day without that book.  I was half way finished reading the whole book before I even bought it.  I felt a very interesting sense of renewed hope for myself and my life.  I had never heard of Cheryl Richardson at this point.  But Cheryl and her book have been lifelong companions to me ever since that moment.  I even have my own Life Makeover book club happening right now.  25 years later.  Life can be a very interesting series of events.  That’s for sure.  My grandbaby came into my home in February of this year and stayed with me for the first two weeks of her life.  Wayyy too much time for me to get wayyy to attached.  I took that time off of work to be with my daughter and the baby.  A decision that I made, that I will be thankful for my whole life.  I went back to work feeling miserable at the idea of leaving the baby with other babysitters.  A feeling I remembered all too well, from having to do it when my own children were born.  But, of course, it had to be done.  Shortly after my return to work, I had an injury to my knee which made me have to be home and be still for a few days.  I have never been still that long.  It gave me much thinking time.  I found myself re-evaluating every aspect of my life, of myself, who I have been, who I am now, and who I still want to be in the time I have left here on this earth.  I returned to work and within the next two weeks, had promptly put in my notice that I would be resigning.  It was a big decision for me, not one that I took lightly at all.  But at the same time, from the moment I made the decision, I knew with all my heart and gut, that it was the right thing for me to do.  It has been several months now, and I have not had a moment of regret.  I have no income, so when my electricity gets cut off, I may be singing a different tune.  But that won’t happen.  I figured out my budget that I would live on for the next year and a half while I pursue my coaching career and continue my education full time.  I feel so absolutely free, I cannot even describe it.  I am being able to fully enjoy and absorb every moment of my classes, every moment of everything I do to get my coaching practice up and running, and every moment of being with my family in a way I have never been able to experience before.  And this is the story of how my Journey of Visions, Gratitude and Adventures came to life for me.  It is all an adventure.  Every little tiny aspect of it.  Every minute of it.  A very, very wonderful adventure.  One for which I am eternally grateful beyond any words I could ever write.  I truly enjoy being able to write and share about my Journey.  I appreciate anyone taking the time to read my blogs.  I welcome any, and all feedback.

Until next time, Be Adventurous, Be Inspired!!!  ~~~ Aimee Luna @ JVGA Inspirational Life Coaching


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