Day 3 Blog Challenge –That Thing That Will Not Stop Me

Today that thing that will not stop me is fear!!  I was going to write that word in caps but decided against it because it just gives it too much something.  There are several things going on in my life right now that fear wants to jack with.  But for my blog today, I will focus on the blogging aspect.  I was very excited when I saw the invitation to participate in this challenge.  Over the years I have come to learn about myself that although it may be difficult for me to stick to a lot of things for very extended periods of time, I have good capability of sticking to lots of things for short periods of time.  So these types of challenges work well for me.  They are exciting, motivating and fun.  You learn a lot from them and make new friends along the way.  And when you complete it, you feel good!!  And always, by the time the 30 days is over on any challenge I have accepted and completed, I find that I have a new very good habit in place.  And suddenly I can stick to it for years to come.  So I jumped on this opportunity because I’ve been wanting to blog for a very long time.  As I was reading commentary and posts from everyone else, I found that there were other people who had the same questions and concerns that I did.  Like how the heck do I even get my post from my blog into the facebook stuff!?!?  I began messaging Bradley on FB with this question.  Then deleted it, thinking he might wonder who this crazy woman is, messaging him, as if we are friends or something.  I went ahead and dove in.  Wrote my blog.  Linked it to FB the best I knew how.  Only to find a message, the next day, to myself directly from Bradley asking me to do it properly.  LOL.  He was very nice of course.  And I very much appreciate that he did that.  Because now today, I am having to force myself to learn how to do a new thing in the world of technology / social media / blogging.  So here I am.  Diving in.  Bound and determined to get good at all of this.  I was also afraid of what I would write.  I have always longed to be a real writer.  But I allowed the fear of what I write (really what people would think) and how I write (I write everything like I’m journaling and not in a professional way) to get in my way.  Then, again, as before, I read over lots of folks writings about this very same concern as well as Bradley’s email today.  And now I don’t feel alone.  And after all, it can’t really get much worse than it already is.  It can only get better.  And I’m excited about that.  Happy blogging everyone!!  So happy to be a part of this project!!  Oh wait.  Now I have to figure out how to get this correctly onto facebook.  But this will not stop me today!!!  LOL



Well these are my thoughts, what do YOU think??

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