Day 8 Blog Challenge — Zigging When Everyone Is Zagging

Well my life has just pretty much been summed up in these five words!!  I happen to think it is a magnificent way to live!!  I believe my children, and now my grand baby, have this type of passion in them as well, each one of them, in their own beautiful, personal way.  I love it, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I am so thankful today for the write up that Bradley did, describing this way of living, so perfectly and profoundly.  I spent many years struggling with this aspect of myself, trying to understand it, trying to make it be quiet, be still, maybe even go away.  It makes one have the desires to do things that seem crazy sometimes.  They don’t seem like the safe, mature, responsible way to live.  But the desire won’t be silenced and dismissed.  In fact, it seems like every effort to make it be still, only makes the feelings grow faster and makes them roar louder.  When I could finally learn to just let go and love this about myself, I was able to let it just wash over me and take me away.  That has been one of the most incredible feelings that I have learned to love in life.  Sometimes it’s like drifting slowly and peacefully down a quiet lake, other times the intensity of it is like standing under Niagara Falls and just letting it wash over me.  Learning and understanding about it was important to me because of the emotional, mental, physical struggles it caused me for so long.  I didn’t want my children to lose as much time as I did grappling with it.  As soon as I could see that my children had it in them, I knew it was important for me to help them be able to embrace, love and run with this beautiful thing inside of us.  And the sooner the better for them.  Because it is indeed an obsession that cannot be turned off.  And personally, I wouldn’t want it to be.  Thank you Bradley, for putting IT into words that moved me deeply, brought comfort, understanding and healing to my soul, which spent so many years in turmoil with it.  I will not be sad over that time, because in it’s own way, it was beautiful and special.  But now my spirit can just be free and soar like an eagle, like it was meant to all along.  And so can my children and my grand baby.  This is an almost magical way of being.  And, yes, a heck of a ride it is!!!!


Well these are my thoughts, what do YOU think??

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