Day 28 Blog Challenge — A Workshop with Stacey Vicari Tonight!!!

I met Stacey at a presentation she did, through EGBI.  The Economic Growth Business Incubator.  EGBI is a small, but powerful, organization in Austin Texas whose mission is to help people with all things Small Business.  This organization is very near and dear to my heart.  They are a truly wonderful group of folks who care deeply about their clients.

Stacey spoke on Networking that day.  A skill which I have been practicing and building.  She spoke about her personal approach to networking, which I have since, put into practice for myself, and encouraged my children in the same manner.  From the first moment Stacey began speaking, I felt like we were friends.  Stacey has a very real and honest spirit, she is warm and caring.  She is true to helping people, living her passion, in her own unique and beautiful way.  And because of that, I felt a connection with her that I have not really even tried to put into words until now.  Because I have been struggling for a long time with finding my own voice and style in my own life’s goals and passions.  I have found myself trying to do things the way everyone else does them, to fit the mold, because that must be the “best” way to do it since everyone says it is, and, after all, they have made their success with that way.  Stacey doesn’t know this, but she has inspired me in big ways, each and every day, since that first time I heard her speak.  I attended a second workshop of Stacey’s several months later and it only reinforced the effect of the first time.  Tonight I am attending my 3rd workshop with Stacey, which I am looking forward to so much, I am extremely excited about it.  I am looking forward to seeing her beautiful smile, her warm and genuine personality, receiving her enthusiastic vibe, hearing her guidance on life’s situations coming across the room to me.  Stacey has a powerful and contagious energy.  She is very confident and has a very calming and peaceful effect on me, for some reason.  Can’t quite pinpoint exactly what it is.  But something I am absolutely certain of, is that I need some (a lot) of that to rub off on me today.  I absolutely love Stacey’s spirit.  She has definitely become one of my role model’s in many ways, how I approach life in general, as well as being true to myself and my personal and business dreams.

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed and burnt out today.  I know I need to slow down, breathe, focus on everything going on in order to sort it out, and prioritize.  But there isn’t time for that, nor energy, nor focus, and if I can’t breathe, then I can’t think either.  I feel a little bit lacking in courage and strength at the present moment.  I was trying to send an inspirational quote to my mother and children this morning, when I stopped and smiled, realizing I need one for myself right now, so badly!!!!  I have A LOT to do this week, and have got to pull myself together.  I also know that just diving in to the things I need to do, will help.  Because getting things done makes me feel effective, and it gets good, positive, powerful momentum going.  But I seem very stuck on stuck!!!  I can’t even decide what to do first this morning.  I know with all my heart that this too shall all pass.  And when we come out on the other side of it, I will be very happy for all that I did.  My mother and my family are my whole life.  They deserve for me to do my best and to be the best version of myself I can.  They actually deserve for me to do better than that because sometimes my best just isn’t good enough.  And that’s what I strive to do and be.  I know there are good things and good times, both in each and every moment of the present as well as ahead.  So I’m not trying to be negative or discouraged.  I’m just a bit tired and there is so much to do all the time.  This visit with Stacey tonight is on point with the timing.


Well these are my thoughts, what do YOU think??

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