Day 2 Blog Challenge –Dare To Live!!

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Today is the day we take the second step. Anyone can do something once, but I dare you to be bold. I dare you to STAY uncomfortable. Rome was not built in a day. Lay the second brick to your empire. This is not work. This is your art. Enjoy this moment and allow yourself to feel. This is not a challenge — this is your life.  – Bradley Will

You have a burning passion to do something in your life.  Sometimes you are clear from the beginning, as to why this is important to you.  Sometimes that clarity comes to you over time.  Either way, this passion is in your head and your heart all the time.  Sometimes it seems like this vision is small and subtle, sometimes it seems like with every minute of every day, this vision grows.  It is taunting you.  It is relentless.  We may try to put it aside as something we just don’t have time for.  We are busy with family, careers, all the responsibilities of life.  But the fire just won’t be put out.

I invite and encourage you to stop for a minute.  Be still.  Be quiet.  Take deep breaths.  And focus on your vision.  Imagine, for just a few precious moments, that you could actually realize this dream.  Notice how it makes you feel, to think about making this dream a reality for yourself.  Does it make you feel frightened, anxious, angry, happy, joyful, maybe even free??  It is normal for any and all of these emotions to occur.  You might be afraid that the dream is silly, unrealistic, too big.  You may feel anxious trying to think about all that would need to happen, in order for the dream to become a reality.  You might even be afraid or nervous about what others will think, if you attempt this dream, and fail, or even what they might think if you are successful.  There may be feelings of anger, when we think about all the challenges and obstacles that may try to get in our way.  But there are those feelings of happiness, joyfulness and freedom that come with envisioning the accomplishment of these dreams.  Some of the emotions may feel uncomfortable.  We are human beings and we are full of emotions.  It’s how we were created.  Learning to recognize our emotions and allowing them to be, is a powerful tool in life.  Utilized properly, this tool can be the fuel added to the fire of the burning passion.  It can motivate and move us to accomplishments and successes we may have only been able to imagine at one time.

We only get one turn in life.  Just one shot.  Make it count.  Pursue your dreams.  Be passionate about it.  Be brave.  Whether you choose to dive all in, or take baby steps.  Do it.  No matter what.  When our turn in life is over, whether we fully accomplished that goal or not, isn’t even the biggest factor.  The biggest factor is having lived a life of courage, adventure, joy, learning and personal growth.  Living each day to the fullest, with your dreams and visions clearly in mind, taking small or big steps in each day to bring you closer to that dream, is truly the beauty in life.

What will you do in your life??  I dare you………..


Well these are my thoughts, what do YOU think??

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