Day 4 Blog Challenge – Creating Momentum, Realizing Dreams!!

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Build on your new habit, your momentum to where it becomes harder to stop than it is to keep going.  Bradley Will

I try to be very careful with making statements in generalizations. After all, we cannot speak for everyone, only for ourselves and our own personal experiences.  However, I believe I am not mistaken in saying that for everyone, there are many things in our lives we would like to do and accomplish.

There are many reasons that we feel we don’t make these things happen.  Some of them may be very legitimate reasons.  Like time and money.  These are very real factors.  Others may just be excuses.  There are ways we can sort through and determine, first of all, whether something is a real reason, or just an excuse. Recognizing this is an important first step in beginning the work on creating our momentum.  The next step then, would be making a plan of action to work around, overcome, or get rid of the things that may be trying to stand in our way.

Our focus today is to think about momentum.  The definition of momentum is:  The force or speed of movement, as of a physical object or course of events.

Momentum, utilized correctly, is a very powerful tool in life.  With good momentum, we can be focused, effective.  We can complete tasks both small and large.  We can overcome obstacles and challenges, both small and large.  But how to find and create some momentum, especially once we get stuck on stuck.  Momentum itself creates feelings of happiness, joy, confidence, and accomplishment, which in turn, creates more momentum.  It becomes harder to stop than it is to keep going.

Think about the launching of the space shuttle making its journey towards the moon.  Picture images we have seen, showing the blaze of fire that helps the huge craft take off.  Hear the sound of the engines roaring as it sets into motion.  Think about the force required for it to lift off, get into its forward motion and pick up the speed necessary for it to reach its destination.

What if we started each and every day in this same manner.  Engines roaring, flames blazing, facing and completing tasks and projects, with the intensity of the space shuttle trying to reach the moon.  How far could we each go in our lives?  Aren’t the possibilities endless, of the things we could accomplish in our lifetimes?

I finish today with this thought:  Reach for the moon, sun and stars in your life!!  Reach for those dreams to become a reality!!  While enjoying the journey of every minute of every day along the way!!


Well these are my thoughts, what do YOU think??

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