Day 1 Blogging 101 – January 4, 2016

Introducing Myself To The World

Hi everybody, my name is Aimee, and I’ve done this before.  But I’m still learning and growing, finding direction, creating my path, living my Journey of Visions, Gratitude and Adventures.  The first time I did this challenge was so great (that was quite a while ago), I wanted to do it again.  Recently, I have completed a 30 Day Blogging Challenge.  That was very cool.  It got me writing / blogging again.  And also, got me stepping out of my comfort zone and into the general direction that I would like for my blog to go.  Currently, I am involved in a 30 Day Hustle Challenge.  Initially, I thought I would continue with the blogging as the goal for the hustle.  However, my lack of physical activity, and falling into worse and worse health, has been hounding me for attention and focus.  So I decided to make the physical activity the priority for the next 30 days.  Everything else is getting done, one way or the other, so my health and wellness needs to be back on the priority list.  I will be combining my Blogging 101 posts, with my Hustle posts, and still contributing to the Blogging Challenge community with these posts.  It’s all about continuing to learn and grow and head in the direction I want to be headed, while having some fun with it all along the way.  In reading many of other folks posts (in the Hustle), I see that I am not alone in having many goals, maybe even having trouble narrowing it down to one. I see a lot of people expressing many of the same concerns, thoughts, feelings, as I have in lots of area of life. This reminds me that I am in the right place and that it was perfect for me to sign up for this challenge. I am thankful for the challenge and thankful for the participants in this challenge community. I had many things I wanted to make my goal in this challenge but I appreciate the encouragement to narrow it down to one, otherwise, it is difficult to complete them all, and discouraging when I don’t. I have selected my physical activity to focus on during this hustle. To walk. A mile. Or ten. Just walk. Every day. So far so good!! And I needed it today. Feeling a mini meltdown. Only it doesn’t feel so mini today. But left my desk at the lunch hour, put on my tennis shoes, drove to the park close to my place of employment, and made a lap. Just one. But it met my goal for the challenge. Caught a bit of the beautiful sunshine that’s out there today. And I feel good. Breathing. More focused this afternoon. Everything is going to be fine. It’ll all work out. Looking forward to getting my walk in tomorrow. Looking forward to this helping me get back on a good roll with the physical activity and all the areas in which that helps my life. Wish everyone the best in their efforts to accomplish personal and business goals!!! Hustle on hustlers and blog on bloggers!!!!


Well these are my thoughts, what do YOU think??

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