Day 2, January 5, 2016 — Blogging and Hustling Challenges — MY WHY, Title and Tagline

The short version is, it doesn’t have to be perfect, you may not have any idea at this point (but usually we do have some idea, it’s vague, it’s blurry, it’s anything but clear and perfect, but it’s in our minds and in our hearts and it’s calling to us all the time), just keep going, no matter what.  It will get clearer and clearer as you move forward, putting the work into it.  Today’s Hustle task is to determine my why.  Today’s Blogging 101 task is to work on Title and Tagline.  I have looked at mine again today, and given it thought.  In doing so, I have determined that mine are good where they are for now.  I continue to learn and grow in this life, so they may evolve as time goes by.  But for now, they perfectly describe me and what I’m about.

The longer version is, MY WHY has become clear to me over the years.

My why is: My family.

My why is: Myself.

My why is: Inspiring others inspires me.

My family is the single most important thing to me in this life.

Myself might seem selfish.  But I believe that we have each been given a special opportunity when we’ve been given life.  In my opportunity in this life, I wish to become the greatest version of myself that I can, who lives a life of visions, who lives life in a constant state of gratitude, who lives a life of adventures, and who lives a life of inspiring others.

Inspiring others inspires me.  I believe that in order to inspire others, we have to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

MY WHY for this hustle encompasses all of this.  It seems like a very insignificant goal.  To walk every day for 30 days.  However, my walks breathe life into my whole existence.  Over the years, I have searched for and found places to walk that challenge and inspire me, mentally and emotionally, as well as physically.   They are a time for creative thinking.  They are a time for healing.  My walks MOVE ME in all areas of my life.  I feel confident, braver, stronger, energetic, when I’m exercising regularly and in good physical condition and health.  I feel like no situation in life is bigger than what I can handle.  This kind of motivation and POWER, when it’s coming from deep within your soul, opens up a world of opportunity for you, when you feel like nothing and no one can stop you.

I would encourage everyone to follow through with the personal work on YOUR WHY.  I truly believe and agree that it is what keeps us going through life’s ups and downs and ins and outs.  It is as crucial in life as the very blood running through our bodies, and the very air we breathe to live.




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