My Vision, Raw, Honest, and Vulnerable

I’m so glad you said raw, honest, and vulnerable.  Because that’s exactly how this feels.  Raw.  Because that’s exactly the type of person I am.  Honest, because I believe there is no other way.  Vulnerable, because in the years of my life, everything about me, my ideals, my values, my dreams, my morals, my feelings, my thoughts, everything, has been judged and tested.  And somehow I manage to just keep right on keepin’ on.  So here goes.

At my core, I am a person who loves to love and inspire other people.  I stand for that person who needs help, in whatever form or fashion that may be.  I stand for helping people who need second chances, for whatever reason.  I stand for the person struggling to find their way in life.  I stand for the person pursuing their dreams.    I am building a Life Wellness center.  A place that is safe and sacred.  Where people can come to think, feel, soul search, get clarity, get purpose, get inspired and get motivated to move towards their Journeys of Visions, Gratitude and Adventures in their lives.  I tend to lean towards helping women, girls, the elderly.  But I love to help anyone who has lost their footing on their personal paths to reaching their dreams, to finding peace and joy in life.  This mission is important to me because I am that person.  I have struggled in life, been through some very dark times, had to find the strength and courage to keep getting up every day and putting one foot in front of the other, take care of responsibilities, I’ve been through times when I needed help, had to keep smiling when my heart and soul seemed to be breaking.  I am the person that has made mistakes and needed second chances.  More than one second chance.  I have been that person struggling to find my way in life.  Trying to find who I am, where I belong, what I’m good at, what I can accomplish in this beautiful opportunity I have been given, in this thing called life.  I have been that person with dreams and goals, who has been knocked down by obstacles and challenges.  I have been that person who has to find reasons and ways to keep making progress, no matter how small or insignificant at the time.  I intend to give back to the world by being a Coach, a Life, Financial, Small Business, Caregiver Coach.  I intend to give back to the world in big, bold, beautiful ways.  Sometimes, when I allow myself to dream BIG, I aspire to be an Oprah type of person.  Someone who has come from the humblest of beginnings.  But who has fought fiercely in life to keep a magnificent spirit throughout everything.  I wish to help people with all things in their lives, to find ways of their own to work over and around the obstacles and challenges life will present us with.  To find the courage and strength to embrace these difficult times and to learn and grow from them.  I believe that every individual person has a brilliant light and power within them to find ways of accomplishing the things in their lives that are most important to them.  I believe that sometimes people just need help and guidance on digging deep to find these qualities within themselves.  I wish to help people get control over their financial lives. Rather than being controlled by it.  I believe that no matter how much or how little money a person makes or has, there can be peace, safety and joy found in having our financial lives in order.  I believe that it is crucial to begin changing the world by teaching financial literacy to children from a very young age, right alongside the ABC’s and 123’s.  I wish to help people realize their dreams of having a successful and thriving small business, if this is what their heart desires.  I believe that a mentor is a very powerful thing in the process of starting a business.  Everything from deciding what type of business, to tackling each step in the process of becoming an official business, to setting up their small business accounting system, to growing a thriving business.  I wish to help folks who are caregivers.  Having experienced this in my own life, I recognize how very, very difficult this role can be.  I believe that it can also be an extremely beautiful time for families with the proper tools, information and resources to guide family members in this part of their journeys in life.  I know this may all seem very scattered and maybe even random.  But I have wanted to do this all the years of my life.  When I was 5 years old, I wanted to be a teacher.  It has always been deep in my soul to help others.  I have spent endless, endless hours of my life, thinking this over.  I have dreams of a place on acres in a beautiful, natural setting where people and families can come for workshops, retreats, classes, counseling sessions, to get the guidance and help they need in all these areas of their lives.  At this place, there is safety and serenity.  There is a lot of nature, gardens, trees.  There is a lake or a river running through the property where this place is located.  At this place, there is a specific area where families can hold get-together’s and events.  There is an area for fitness.  Because our health levels effect all aspects of our lives.  All of this is when I allow myself to dream BIG.  Being realistic, I plan to start through a small coaching practice, blogging and website, and having a plant nursery and tree farm.  If I could accomplish these 3 things before I die, I will have been successful.  Because my children all have some of the same dreams that I have.  They are beautiful souls whose passions are to help others.  I know that if I could get something started in a real kind of way, they would continue to make it fall into place and grow. My dream is to do this for my grandmother, for my mother, for myself, and for my children.  I have already been working on this for several years.   I am working towards my business degree at the local community college, because they have excellent payment plans available.  I take workshops and classes (and challenges) to help me learn and grow.  And I volunteer a lot of hours at various non-profit organizations, also to gain the experience and knowledge needed for the work I want to do.  Last year I was blessed enough to be chosen for a positon with a non-profit organization.  Non-profits are near and dear to my heart because their missions are the same as mine, to help people, plain and simple.  I have been blessed with angels and opportunities throughout the course of my life, and I wish to give this back to the world, in any way possible, sometimes it may be small, I wish for the day that it can be huge.

Thank you Bradley, for presenting me with the challenge of writing this up, and for your time and consideration of accepting me for one of the scholarships.



Well these are my thoughts, what do YOU think??

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