Day 5 B&H Challenges – January 8, 2016 – Win With When and Love Your Theme!!

I’d like to speak to Love Your Theme first.  When I engaged in this Blogging 101 Challenge the first time, several years ago, I did follow through with this step.  I was hesitant to do it.  At that time in my life it was the fear of everything in the blogging world being new to me.  I was just kinda stuck.  But I did as the instructions suggested.  And of course, it was well worth it.  I would highly encourage everyone to do this one.  It is quite fun.  And it does make a big difference.  As the guidance suggests, you can change the theme many times and then just go right back to your initial one if it turns out that’s the best fit for you and your blogging.  I totally agree with both statements on THE WHY:  1)  Noone is going to spend as much time on your blog as you, so you should love the way it looks.  The more time I spend on my blog, the more I want to love the way it looks and feels.  Mine is in the building stages and needs much work.  But I have chosen a theme that works very well for me right now, while I’m getting started, and know that I have some fun playing around to do with it in the near future.  This year some time.  2)  As with jeans, you never know if it fits until you try it on.  This was incredibly true for me, and is actually how I came to the theme I have now.  I was going through this lesson in Blogging 101 and trying out new things.  I also love the words in the instructions:  You never know what seeing your words displayed in a new way will inspire, and you can always keep the layout you love.  Being able to keep (or easily go back to) the parts that I loved was what made me go ahead and step into the adventure of trying new things with my blog.  I had a lot of smiles and AHA moments seeing my words displayed in different ways, fonts, sizes, colors.  I was glad the instructions recommend not trying to do hundreds of things, as that’s exactly how my brain works.  So following with the guidance provided, I tried somewhere between 10 and 20, in little bits at a time, over the course of a whole weekend, so that I could take my time, and see how I actually FELT with each of the different themes effects on me.  And last but not least, I am excited about the suggestion to try a private test blog.

Now speaking to Win With When.  As we move through the days and stages of our challeges, I think you will come to find that Your When is crucial.  All of the steps are, of course, but this is just crucial.  Life is way too busy, or our energies are low, all kinds of reasons are real, so if we don’t have a when, chances are The What will just get lost in the mix of everything.  Having done this type of personal growth work many times throughout the years of my life, I have come to find that if there is something that’s important to me for myself, such as exercising, blogging, starting a business, I have to deliberately plan it out and schedule the time in the mornings.  The rest of the day gets out of my control with other people’s needs and my other responsibilities.  For my Hustle, my goal is walking every day for 30 days.  I’ve kept it sweet and simple and it’s going well so far.  I’m very pleased.  I was excited about the timing of registering for the Hustle because another Challenge that I had just completed for blogging was ending.  It was the 30 Days of Content, A Blogging Challenge, by Bradley Will at

I found myself having concern that I would not stick to the routine I had done so good with for the previous 30 days.  For both Challenges, this step of planning My When, has been an integral part of the success.  If the weather is good, I’m walking in the mornings at 5 AM or at lunch, and if the weather is bad, I have a gym membership as a backup (I prefer to be outside on the hills).  I would get to the gym in the mornings also.  This is the only way it will get done for sure.  I did recently read something that I found to be an interesting concept.  It said to be flexible with this.  For me, routines work.  That’s how I get everything done that needs to get done.  The idea of trying to move my exercise schedule to the evenings, makes me nervous.  However, after allowing the idea to settle within me a little bit, I can really see the value in having it in place.  The reality is that there will be times when I don’t accomplish the goal of doing things every morning, so knowing that I can still shoot for the evening, is feeling very nice now.  Getting my place and space, supplies and equipment ready to work on my goals has been absolutely very important as well.  These are the steps that help set us up for SUCCESS in our journeys and thanks to Jon Acuff for putting together this awesome Hustle!!  Thank you also to the Hustle community – I am so happy to be a part of this Moving Forward Group of Folks!!

I would love for anyone to share some obstacles and roadblocks you are coming up against throughout your Hustle, and the ways you have found to work around and over them!!


Well these are my thoughts, what do YOU think??

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