Lists of Tens #1 — Ten Things I Am Grateful For

Why Lists of Tens?

I’m working on the craft of writing. Lists are helpful for practice with keeping writing concise, organized, effective. Something great I learned recently is that when you are a writer, you can be an expert on anything of your choosing, for at least a little while, and to whatever extent you choose, because there will be research and study involved in it. So for example, a future List of Ten could be Ten Must-Do’s When Visiting Spain, by the way, I do plan to make that list and I do hope to visit Spain.

I’m working on finding my voice. I’ve written different types of blog posts on various categories, I’ve written papers for school, I’ve written for work. In all the different types of writing I’ve done, I’ve received all kinds of feedback. One of my goals in life is to write a book. I’ve got to find my voice for that. Writing these lists is a way for me to practice writing as myself, not having to follow a strict format imposed by someone else. I can relax. I can let loose. I can be silly. I can be free. I can talk how I talk if I want to. I can be adventurous. I am playing with all of these to let loose the goldmine of creativity that has been shoved way down deep inside me for many years.

I’m working on the craft of blogging. Knowing that I have a list of ten to create weekly, helps me stick to a schedule for regular blog posting. I’m building my stick-to-it-tive skills.

I’m working on expanding my knowledge and my mind. Depending on what the topic is for the list, for any given week, some lists will be easier to make than others. On some of them I know I will have to think longer, dig deeper within myself and within the research.

I decided that a List Of Ten Things I Am Grateful For was a natural way for me to begin this series because for many years, a daily practice of mine has been to be thankful and to express deep gratitude. This list is only ten things and I could break it down a bunch as well as add much more to it.

Life: Each morning I wake up thankful for the opportunity of seeing another day and all that will come with it, including challenges and successes.

Health: I’m thankful for my body and my health. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not what you would call “healthy.” I’m considerably overweight. My eating plan needs a lot of tweaking. Well actually, my plan is good. Sticking to it is the problem. Anyway. I digress. What I mean to say is that all my body parts work properly, I can see, I can hear, I can walk, I can use my hands. Clearly I should make a List Of Ten Ways To Motivate Myself To Exercise.

Family: My grand baby. My children. My mom. My grandma. I could go on and on about this one. I am deeply and eternally grateful to these people that I am blessed with, who have stuck by me through the good, the bad and the ugly, no matter what. I am grateful to my mom and grandma for teaching me how to be a strong, independent woman. I am grateful to my children for changing my life with their presence. They make me want to be the mom they deserve. I am grateful to my grandbaby girl for magically coming in like the angel that she is, bringing the light back into my life, and saving me from a long, long period of deep darkness.

Friends: This category is a List of Ten on it’s own. And I will do this in the future. There are some specific people that I would like to write some dedication to. For now, I am thankful for my friends, a few of them, like my family, have stuck by me in difficult times, no matter what, and a few of them, have helped me in ways that they cannot even begin to imagine. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart.

Job: I am blessed / fortunate to have the job I hold now. It dropped into my life out of nowhere. It is the most amazing place I’ve ever worked, and if you had tried to tell me that a place like this even existed, I wouldn’t have believed it. But it does. And I am thankful to be a part of this wonderful non-profit organization and the wonderful team of people who work there.

Struggles: Yes, I am thankful for the struggles and challenges that have come my way. For many years I was not. I went to great lengths trying to avoid it and the pain that comes with it. I think I called it being organized and proactive. In reality I was hiding. Through many difficult experiences I have learned and grown into the person I am today, and the person I am still striving to become. I don’t know who’s quote this is so I cannot give proper recognition, but I will say it is not my own, “You don’t know strength until strength is the only choice you have.” I have it posted on my vision board where I can see it daily.

Books: Oh, I am thankful for books! They bring joy, fun, laughter, help, knowledge, wisdom, to name a few things. I have loved to read ever since I can remember. I can sit down with a good book for days, only occasionally stopping to sleep and eat. There is a separate list for this category as well.

Nature: Sunshine, sunrises, sunsets. Water, oceans, rivers, lakes, creeks, rain. Mountains. Trees. Flowers. The moon, the stars, the air. It is all a part of my soul. It breathes life into my spirit.

Hope: This is another one that I eternally grateful for. There have been times, where I wondered where any hope would come from. But I’ve always hung on to it for dear life, and never let it go. Or perhaps, it never let me go. Either way. I am thankful. On many a day, it is what has gotten me through to the next. It keeps me moving forward in everything.

Courage: The push for endurance in this life starts with the best of what we are made of. And it takes tremendous amounts of courage sometimes, to persevere, to learn how much courage is really within us. I am thankful every moment of every day courage, to keep on with the keepin’ on, no matter what.

Well!! This turned out to be wayy longer than I thought it would be. If you have happened to stay with me to the end, I thank you for that, and I would love to hear back from you, any thoughts, ideas! All of it! What are you thankful for!?

Until next time, LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE!!


Well these are my thoughts, what do YOU think??

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