Rhythm, Rhyme and Word Play with Susan Kralovansky at The Writing Barn

Have you ever wondered what it takes to write a children’s picture book?  I have.  For a long time, actually.  But ideas on other writing projects kept taking priority.

My mother and I have recently decided to embark on a journey of writing a children’s picture book together, as a family project.  So this past weekend we attended a workshop called Rhythm, Rhyme and Word Play, led by Susan Kralovansky at The Writing Barn in Austin, Texas.

I’ve been a big fan of The Writing Barn for quite some time now.  This 7-acre retreat offers peace, tranquility and even baby deer to inspire the imagination.  It provides a space where one can meet and visit with other creatives.  Each time I attend a workshop there, I leave with a new writing partner and friend.  A bonus is that I always leave with progress made on any writing project I might be working on at the time.

Susan Kralovansky is an Author, Speaker, and Librarian from the Austin area.  She began her writing career in her spare time by writing poems for her daughter and stories for her students.  She loves helping others, both children and adults, with building their writing skills and putting forth their best work.

I truly enjoyed meeting Susan.  Her personality is bubbly and friendly, and contagious.  The energy throughout the afternoon was safe, inviting, informative and fun.  We covered such topics as the importance of writing strong persuasive letters to agents, editors, and publishers.  We also talked about some no-no’s to keep in mind during the writing process.  One example is paying special attention to the subject matter in the book being written.  Then we dove into tips and tools for creating the rhythm, rhyme and wordplay within the structure of the book.

Susan moved through the contents of the workshop with confidence in her knowledge and experience.  We enjoyed exchanging questions and ideas from the participants.  Susan’s style for leading this workshop was that of a person who is passionate about her work.  She made it easy for us to learn while having fun.  In my opinion, you just can’t beat that.  I’m absolutely thrilled that we attended.

Thank you to Bethany Hegedus, author of the Grandfather Gandhi series, Between Us Baxters and Truth with a Capital T, Founder and Creative Director at The Writing Barn for making these events possible for me to attend.  And thank you to Susan Kralovansky for a fabulous afternoon and workshop.

Well these are my thoughts, what do YOU think??

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